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Who we are

We are …”Just Dance”- a newly established dance school offering children aged 3 and up dance classes in the East Renfrewshire area.

We Offer

Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) syllabus classes are on offer, from Pre-Primary to Advanced Levels.

Royal Academy of Dance

Just Dance provide syllabus RAD Ballet classes, focusing on quality of dance technique, performance skills, creativity and musicality.

Just Dance

Dancing is one of the most fun ways to achieve and maintain physical fitness, helping to develop discipline and create strong friendships.

Photos Courtesy of the RAD

Courtesy of Ruby rae

Tap & Modern Jazz

Tap Modern Jazz

IDTA new syllabus of contemporary Lyrical Jazz. “Just Dance” is excited to offer the new IDTA syllabus which incorporates Contemporary, Lyrical and jazz dance styles for those aged 5 and over. These classes focus on performance skills and dance technique whilst providing dancers with an innovational and stimulating dance enviroment.

Courtesy of RubyRae Photography

“If you look at a dancer in silence, his or her body will be the music. If you turn the music on, that body will become an extension of what you’re hearing.”
Judith Jamison

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Little Ballerina

Little Dancers:
Timetable Saturday
Little Ballerina 10.00
RAD Ballet

10:45 Pre-Primary Ballet
11:30 Primary Ballet
12:15 Grade 1
13:30 Grade 2/Grade 3
14:30 Inter Foundation
15:30 Intermediate
RAD Ballet

18:00 Grade 6
19:00 Intermediate
RAD Ballet

16:30 Grade 5
17:30 Inter Foundation
Tap & Modern Jazz

16:00- 16:40 Primary
Tap & Modern Jazz
16:40- 17:20 Grade 1
Tap & Modern Jazz
17:20-18:00 Junior
18:00-18:40 Junior
Modern Jazz
18:40-19:20 Senior
Modern Jazz
19:20-20:00 Senior
Saturday Pre-Primary 10:45
class will be introduced to


Pre-Primary, Primary & Grade 1

Pink Megan Princess Line & Emilia Wrap over chiffon skirt.

Pink ballet shoes & socks.

Little Dancers

Pink 1st Position Milly Voile Skirted cap sleeve leotard.

Pink ballet shoes, socks or tights.

Grade 1- 8

Navy Megan or Anna Princess Line leotard.

Pink ballet shoes and pink tights

Character Skirt & character shoes


Isabelle princess line camisole Leotard.

Tap & Jazz

Ballet leotard with tights, leggings or shorts.

Jazz : barefoot or jazz shoes

Tap: Tap shoes preferably black with heel taps.

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